CLICK to PLAY: Take 4 minutes to see how Mr. Eldercare 101 Presentations Educate and Engage Your Organization - Resulting In: (1) Greater Productivity; (2) Significant Expense Reduction; and (3) Substantially Increased Profitability

Derrick Y. McDaniel “Mr. Eldercare 101” will engage, educate (and maybe amuse) your team while providing essential information to: keep them productive at work; achieve better caregiving results at home; and be healthier people overall.

He educates on the personal, professional, financial and emotional issues related to caring for an elderly loved one, and the mindsets necessary to overcome the inevitable obstacles.

Derrick equips employed caregivers to face eldercare’s challenges and helps organizations create supportive and productive environments.

Eldercare's Impacts On Employees and Corporate Profitability - Business Case

Eldercare Challenges Impact Corporate Productivity & Profitability In Many Ways - Here Are Just A Few:

See Derrick ("Mr. Eldercare 101") In Action

The REAL (short) STORY of a working caregiver and how her care giving journey came to be symbolized by a LEPRECHAUN

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Mr. Eldercare 101

Provide your audience the workshop and speaker they need to be productive workers and better caregivers. They’ll always remember the information presented and know that they are not alone.

Derrick educates, engages, and amuses audiences with real stories pulled from his experiences as the primary caregiver to his grandmother and those of the thousands of caregivers he’s worked with over the past two decades. His expert knowledge of eldercare and naturally funny personality amuses audiences while giving them the tools necessary to best care for their loved ones and themselves while remaining productive at work.

As an former Fortune 100 corporate executive (American Express, IBM, MasterCard, JPMorgan Chase etc.), author, educator (NYU), consultant, speaker, and eldercare industry expert with almost 20 years experience - Derrick equips audiences with the knowledge necessary to manage the competing demands of working and caring for an elderly loved one while simultaneously caring for themselves.

Past Client Testimonials

Derrick provides very useful and clear advice about eldercare and does so with a twist. He delivers it with a touch of humor that brings smiles to family caregivers that they so much appreciate.
- Jim Siegel, Executive Vice President at a national non-profit organization that operates in the health care field

Derrick’s presentation was practical, understandable and unexpectedly funny.
He speaks directly to the stress and sometimes overwhelming number of issues caregivers face as their loved ones age.
- Terrie Williams, Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker

Derrick McDaniel’s presentation on the many challenges faced by caregivers was excellent. As someone new to caregiving I now feel like I have a roadmap to use as I go forward.
- Alicia Bartley, Attorney, New York City

A caregiver now (and 4 other times previously) I appreciate the advice Derrick gives because he himself is a former caregiver. He’s been on the frontlines in the battle of caregiving.
- Jeff Dunst, Independent Insurance Broker. Licensed 42 years

Derrick McDaniel’s presentation and book are both full of good information, tips and directions to helpful resources.

- Jason Martin, Managing Partner, Management Consulting and Controls Group

Attending a Derrick McDaniel presentation will be a wakeup call for his audience and will motivate his listeners to take action to effectively manage their lives in the event of illness or incapacity and give them a better understanding of caregiving responsibilities for a parent, spouse or child with disabilities.
- Peter J. Strauss, Eldercare Senior Partner
, Epstein Becker Green

Meeting and Conference Offerings

Keynote Presentations / Workshops / Lunch & Learns / Webinars

Most popular topics:

Top 10 Ways to Pay for Eldercare · Caring For The Caregiver · Managing Through the Challenges of Eldercare (specifically for corporate managers) · Documents Essential to Caregiving · The Impacts of Eldercare – personal, professional, financial, and emotional

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